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The Caudwell Van Reets are responsible for Combine, Open winners, Hundreds of Club and Fed winners, R.P.R.A Meritorious Award winners, Section Winners, BICC, National winners, Amal Winners.

If you are looking for the fast sprint lines, look no further. The BEST are here.
My family of Champions have been cultivated into one of the best sprint birds to ever fly into the UK, some say Europe.
My birds are bred down from the original Mardon Van Reets, Based on the true Athentic winning genes, proven point not fancy coloured, inflated priced, paper bred pigeons. Show me a loft of Mardon Van Reets that won anything close to what these have achieved!
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This is what Tony Mardon said about us in 2006:

“our continued grateful thanks and admiration to Mark Caudwell who has stunned the sprint world with his champion sprinters, either bred by us or from stock bought from us. Well done Mark you are a credit to the sport”
Tony Mardon 2006

See for yourself below is a video of some of our stock.


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