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Staf Van Reet, truly one of the all time Master Breeders and Racing Champions winning over 600 times 1st prizes. The world renowned Piet DeWeerdt has said that the Van Reet pigeons are the fastest and most intelligent pigeons in the world.

Van Reet has had the fastest sprint pigeon in the province more than 22 times vs. over 100,000 pigeons.

The Van Reet pigeons have been winning worldwide. In Thailand, where they specialize in young bird racing, the weather is unbelievably hot and the Van Reet pigeons have shown they are up to the task winning multiple 1st’s. In England it’s the same story. Since the introduction of the Van Reet birds by Dean Pallet they have become the rage of the sport winning at all distances.

Staf has created his family based on the Old Line Janssens coming down from the “Half Fabry” of the Janssen Brothers. These are strong, tenacious pigeons that fly week after week and recuperate quickly. Champions like Daniel, 57x’s 1st, Dikke Prinz, 26x’s 1st, Prinz, 32x’s 1st, Donkere Witpen Daniel, 17x’s 1st, Bliksem, 18x’s 1st, The Goode 53, 9x’s 1st, Den Don, 10 x’s 1st and Favorie, 8x’s 1st and 37x’s top 10 and their progeny have dominated the sport world wide.

When asked about his health program, Staf replied he only treats for canker. My pigeons are naturally healthy and those that are not are culled. I select by performance. They must win and fly week after week. Daniel once won three races in one week! You must have a healthy, vigorous strain to begin with. If you have to treat them with drugs, all is lost. After so many years of racing, culling, and not medicating, my pigeons are naturally healthy. They win against as many as 8,000 birds with no tricks or drugs. A well balanced mixture of sound grains and not too much protein, with plenty of clean fresh water. I change the water two or three times a day washing the fountains each time. Here is a man that has won over 600 races from 100 to 500 miles and two Nationals and he says, “There are no secrets, just good pigeons and handlers”.

Over the years, Staf has introduced a few Super pigeons to his family. These new introductions would be paired to the best Van Reets and the off spring would be tested in the basket. Only the winning pigeons would be kept and bred back into the family. This is how Staf’s Super racer and breeder, Favorie BELG-659426/92, was produced. After winning eight 1st’s, Favorie was placed in the breeding loft. There he went on to sire generations of champion racers and breeders. 

Favorie’s sire is Grote Tom. His sire, is bred from the Geschelpte Soontjens Cock from the famous loft of Joseph Soontjens, one of the greatest winning short distance champions in Belgium during the 1980’s, and a daughter of Daniel, 57 x’s 1st. His dam , Frou-Frouke, is a grand daughter of Donkere Witpen Daniel, 17x’s 1st. Having access to the best Soontjens champions, Staf introduced these Janssen based pigeons into his family. Staf has said he has never had a better yearling than Favorie! “That is why you need to add a good cross once in a while”. One thing Staf said was not to get caught up in the past! That is, always try to improve. That is why he adds new blood to his already successful family.

 The Van Reet pigeons will go down in history as one of the very best the sport has ever expereinced.

Many Fanciers have Brought over the Staf van reet pigeons to the uk with fantastic success. These include Bert Hession, Dave Alan, Tony Mardon and Dean Pallet.

Below are some details on some of the principle van rest Pigeons.




cropped Scan35

cropped Scan2

The daniel

the dikke prinz

schone vale daniel

donkere witpen daniel

 Back in the early 90s dean pallet brought over to the uk all of staf van reets breeders and racers leaving staf with just that years youngsters. these birds went on to breed some phenomenal pigeons in the uk.

Around the late 80s another fancier had also brought over birds direct from staf, his name was Tony Mardon of Tranquillity Lofts. Again these birds dominated the world of sprint racing. These van reets were the basis of the Mark Caudwell van reets. Mark had gone many times to Tony Mardon to acquire his best.

Tony had many champions and the birds that came to mark where from the very best.

below are some of the champions that were housed at tranquility lofts.

Below are a collection of original pedigrees for the birds of Tony Mardon. these are now the property of Mark Caudwell, as you will see these are most of the principle pigeons plus in a lot of cases there life rings. what a fabulous historic collect of Van Reet Memorabilia.


Another fancier that was dominating with his family of van rest pigeons was Bert Hession of Blackpool. Bert and dave alan were one of the first fanciers to see the importance of the family and brought birds into the country from van reet in the mid 1980s.

dejonge staf

Bert had many champion van reets including the above pigeon De Jonge Staf, what a pigeon he was and lived to a grand old age of 25.

 Below are some pedigrees from Bert Hession pigeons for your reference.

Another famous line of the Van Reets are Known as the Red Daniel lines.

the red daniel

The Red Daniel GB 89 L 75251 was bred by Dean Pallat and raced by Mr & Mrs Keith Turner from Colchester . The Red Daniel won 19 x 1sts and was then retired for stock at 2 years old where he has been a super producer breeding numerous big winners and pigeons of multiple wins.

Red Daniel who was only raced until he was 2 years of age and competed in just 23 races, YES just 23 races, yet look at the performances that this great pigeon achieved. Remarkabley he gained 19 x 1st prizes including 6 x 1st open Federation.

His racing performances are as follows:

1st Open Peterborough, 1st Open Sleaford, 1st Open Sleaford, 1st Open Retford, 1st Open Berwick, 1st Open Essex & Suffolk Fed 4,132 birds, competing in six Open races winning 6 x lsts. Also won:1st Beverley, 1st Retford, 1st Sleaford, 1st Retford, 1st Sleaford, 1st Beverley, 1st Beverly, 1st Sect B Essex & Suffolk Fed 3,312 birds, 1st Sect B Essex & Suffolk Fed 2,633 birds, 1st Sect B Essex & Suffolk Fed 1,853birds,1st Beverley Essex & Suffolk Fed 3,148 birds. 1st Stour Valley Fed 1,204 birds, 1st Peterborough Colchester Championship Club, 4th Essex & Suffolk Fed Beverley 4,221 birds. Also 4th Essex & Suffolk Fed Beverley 2,191 birds, 5th Essex & Suffolk Fed Beverley 4,428 birds, 6th Essex & Suffolk Fed Beverley 3,318 birds. Only raced till two years of age then retired to stock. In 23 competitions entered he won a remarkable 19 x 1st prizes. He is sire, grandsire, great grandsire winner after winner, generation after generation.

The Red Daniel was also the subject of national news publicity a few years ago when unfortunately he along with some loft mates were stolen , however he returned back home some time later.

More of the red daniel lines:


daniel son

Like his sire he is a top drawer racer/producer winning 33 x 1st prizes plus 17 place cards including

1st Essex & Suffolk Border Federation 3,188 birds

1st Essex & Suffolk Border Federation 2,121 birds

1st Section “B” Essex & Suffolk Border Federation 1,337 birds

1st Section “B” Essex & Suffolk Border Federation 1,489 birds

1st Stour Valley Federation 1,104 birds

1st Stour Valley Federation 824 birds

1st Stour Valley Fed & Saxon Valley Best of the Bunch 1,212 birds

1st Stour Valley Fed & Saxon Valley Best of the Bunch 1,482 birds

Plus another 12 positions in the top 20 of the Federation.



“The 50 Hen”

Direct daughter of champion Red Danial, raced only as a YB winning 1st Fed Wetherby 1,322 birds, 1st Fed Doncaster 1,477 birds. Then stock, being dam of 15 x 1st Fed winners including 1st Fed Sleaford, 1st Fed Market Rasen, 1st Fed Peterborough, 1st Fed Beverley, 1st Fed Wetherby, 1st Fed Berwick etc. Also being dam of winners at Combine and Amal level with birdage up to 7,000+.

The 65 Special

65 Special”

Grandson of Champion Red Daniel, Winner of: 2 x 1st Feds, 5 x1st Clubs, Many times 2nd, 3rd, 4th to loft mates. Sire, grandsire & great grandsire of winners



Grandson of champion Red Danial. Sire & grandsire of Fed winners. Winner of 9 x 1st prizes including 2 x 1st Feds Boston, 1st Fed Sleaford, 1st Fed Wetherby, 2nd Fed Stonehaven, 2 x 5th Feds Wetherby.



Direct son of Champion Red Danial. Sire & grandsire of winners including 1st Open Liverpool Amal, 9 x lst Feds, 14 x 1st Clubs and when only four years of age!



Direct son Champion Red Danial. Sire & grandsire of winners including 2 x 1st Feds Doncaster, 2 x 1st Feds Wetherby, 1st Fed Ripon 1st Fed Peterborough plus many many other prizes.




Grandson of Champion Red Denial, winner of 2 x 1st Feds, 4 x 1st Clubs plus many place cards when arriving with loftmates. Sire & grandsire of winners.

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